Marsbarn Dice Bags

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My bags are are sold through my Etsy shop.

Due to increasing fabric prices, the cost of my bags will be increasing starting January 1st, 2013.  New pricing will be:
$13 for a ready made, regular sized bag. 
Custom bags will start at $15. 
Monster Cups and Specialty Bags will start at $17.

Divided bags start at $19.

If you are interested in a custom bag, or have questions, please email me.

New Custom Printed fabrics!  There are several Doctor Who inspired fabrics, plus a new Star Trek inspired print and a whole crew of space cowboys.  

You can see examples of my Specialty Dice Bags here.  If you have an idea for a bag, send me an email.  I love a challenge.

Marsbarn Dice Bags are made from an original design.  These dice bags are square bottomed, so they stand up when in use. They are reversible, so you can have a choice of theme when playing different games.  Each bag has a toggle to hold the drawstring tightly closed, so no dice escape while not in use.  The drawstring ends are treated with an epoxy to prohibit fuzzy ends (no one likes fuzzy ends).

I make two sizes of dice bags.  The Regular size is 4 1/2” by 4 1/2” across the bottom. It stands about 5” tall when open.  It can hold over a pound of dice.

The MINI dice bag is 3” by 3” across the bottom, and 3 1/2” tall when open.  This small size is perfect for small collections of dice, or “special” dice.  It will hold several sets of standard sized polyhedral dice.

I also make custom sized bags.  Drop me an email with your dimensions and we’ll make it work.

My dice bags are made from high quality 100% cotton fabric and are machine washable (unless otherwise noted).  You can see my fabrics here.

I also make Monster Cups.  For information about Monster Cups go here.

If you have questions please email me at:


Handmade dice bags sewn with top quality fabric for gamers.
Custom orders are my specialty.

A bag that stands up for your dice.
All sales are handled through my Etsy shop.